The Field Museum in Chicago is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. Since opening in 1894, the collection has grown to 40 million artifacts and specimens.

The Department of Zoology conducts research in Africa and South America for studying birds. After each trip, there's new information discovered and footage captured.

Paired with historic documentation and local experiences for people at home, it becomes a window into zoology.
There are hundreds of scientists at The Field Museum traveling to different locations around the world.

The resulting research is then published in journals and online for the scientific community.

Expeditions at The Field Museum brings focus back to Chicago and how these efforts fuel exhibits and future research for the museum.
The Biomechanics exhibit at The Field Museum explored living organisms as machines built by evolution.

A series of interactive screens mounted to physical displays connected visitors to each theme.

Each one had a set of games, videos and details that added to the experience of each stop along the tour.